Saturday, May 16, 2015

Weekly Menu

Wow, May just isn't slowing down much! Graduations and parties and goodbyes this week.

I want to shave my head. Don't worry, I'm NOT!! I'm just saying that because as much as I love summer, my hair does not, and it drives me crazy.

I figure I should write the menu plan right now since I can't do laundry while the water is shut off while some minor repairs take place in the bathroom shower… if by minor that means taking at least half a day. I really love our old house. Not sure my husband does at this moment :)

kids - pb banana muffins & full-fat yogurt
coffee, cream

adults - leftovers
kids - little smokies or mini chicken tacos

Sunday - sloppy joes, zucchini (maybe sloppy joes in zucchini boats? whoa, getting crazy)
Monday - roasted chicken thighs, broccoli, potatoes
Tuesday - primal pizza
Wednesday - plate of slow cooker shredded beef (use this seasoning blend), peppers/onions, salsa, avocado, mango (similar picture here)
Thursday - burgers, green beans, oven fries
Friday - leftovers
weekend - BBQ ribs on the smoker, coleslaw, beans (not paleo)

You've probably noticed the past few months I've been buying my kids plain chex cereal (or rather the generic kind from Aldi). I know it doesn't add any nutritional value to their day. It is a compromise - an inexpensive, easy, crunchy, versatile, kid-friendly, gluten-free snack - and those adjectives are hard to put together. Sometimes, I mix it with raisins and nuts for trail mix for them, or when we are feeling festive, make "puppy chow". Just an fyi.

Last week, I went by Trader Joe's for the sole purpose of buying some shaved brussels sprouts. They sell them in bags with the lettuces. I love "no prep" veggies. We sautéed them in a mixture of bacon grease, olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic, dried onion, and chili powder. So good! I didn't think the kids would like them, but I made them try a bite and my littlest actually liked them. I thought they were delicious. (idea source)

Enjoy your weekend, even if it is crazy!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Weekly Menu

We made these for brunch today. They were really good. And there was bacon of course. Now I'm in a carb coma.

Creativity can reduce stress and become a habit. It's not something you either have you don't. I daresay fostering it will improve your life. Mental note to self.

I love these words on today.

Why menu plan? Because decision fatigue is real.
That there is reason to simplify a lot of things.

Did I tell you my kids are fixing their own breakfasts? It's a long story. Well, my oldest is fixing their breakfast for both of them actually. Which at this point means no cooking on the stove, because I'm not supervising it that closely. So their choices are yogurt, cheese roll-ups (cheese in corn tortillas, microwaved), and apples or bananas with almond butter.

For my husband and I, we have coffee with cream each morning. Lately, we've been doing a late breakfast made of dinner leftovers with some eggs thrown in and then nixing a meal. Bigger, better-quality meals =  not hungry for snacks = less cooking for me. For the kids, just 1-2 more weeks of packing lunches and then a short reprieve before summer day camp. Trying to keep is easy - salami, cheese, gluten-free crackers/chips, and fruit.

After school snack: coconut milk smoothies. Maybe now I'll get around to the recipe?

Sunday - leftover BBQ from the weekend
Monday - burgers, potatoes, salad with dressing
Tuesday - crispy chicken thighs, roasted brussels sprouts
Wednesday - zucchini spaghetti, meatballs, marinara
Thursday - chicken sausages, roasted green beens 
Friday - leftovers

There's a birthday in our house this week… so there will be some gf cupcake making and sharing.

Have a good day.

an old photo of uncooked "zoodles" :)

Friday, May 8, 2015

Deep Thoughts :)

Well, this week has just about wrecked me. No worries, nothing traumatic. I knew this week was coming, so I tried to be prepared and acknowledge that being an adult sometimes sucks but I'll be one anyway… but it still is super stressful. I feel like I did the week we moved at this time last year. Where I wake up feeling like I've been run over by a train, so-to-speak. But seriously, my body has hurt even though I've done nothing physical, so I've given myself some grace from getting up early for the gym… I have not had the sleep to handle it.

All that said, I hate operating in survival mode and I cannot wait for this week to be over!!

I made it!!!!
I don't care that today is gray and gloomy. I'm just so happy that May 8th is here. 8 tests over the last 8 days (4 of them on one day). And I made it without barfing or crying. I'm kind of surprised.
I picked the kids up from school and we swung by the store. (Only 1 kid didn't get to get anything because he had been outta line… don't worry, he got a snack at home, just a boring one.)
Anyways, my simple reward…

um, it is really not hawaiian punch red

Thanks for letting me vent. I'm better now. And you know what? I am so thankful for the people that surround me. In all facets of my life. Seriously, how'd I get so lucky? I learn so much from them. They amaze me. One time, when I was feeling discouraged (not this past week, but it could have been!), I reflected for a little bit on life and people who have believed in me at different points throughout my entire past and present. People who have taken a chance on me when I haven't deserved it. People who push me and tell me to do better. As well as people who have shown goodness in the most ordinary of actions, yet ones that have made the world of difference to me. I dare you to try this the next time you need a pick-me-up or renewed resolve. Consider the people who have shaped you. Be grateful for them.

OK, that's enough for now. I hope you have a great weekend!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Weekly Menu

cabbage-cilantro-lime slaw for tacos

Whoop whoop! It's the weekend! Or at least I'll pretend it is for one evening. I love when we have weekend days at home with the family.

We finally bought a grill and today my husband is smoking a pork butt… heh. So tonight will be a BBQ dinner with some friends. Pulled pork, beans of some sort, coleslaw, pickles, potatoes, fruit crisp and ice cream. The only thing I'm making is some kind of oil and vinegar coleslaw and berry crisp. Fresh blackberries in a package for $1? Yes please, I'll take 6.

Finals week is upon us. On top of Craziness at work. And all the end of year school stuff for the kiddos. But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel (let's hope it's not a train...) There's no stopping now.

kids -
grain-free pb banana muffins
adults -
eggs, salsa, avocado
coffee, cream

kids -
or pb&j corn tortilla roll-ups
adults -

After school snack:
chocolate chia pudding (an experiment)
orange-banana-mango-coconut milk smoothies

deconstructed gyro salad
easy jalfrezi chicken (still have the sauce), roasted green beans
beef, spinach, potato, egg casserole, salad greens with dressing
We'll see how far this gets us! :)

I love making food that makes good leftovers. Juli has some recommendations here.

I went to Sprouts and Hy-Vee this morning, and plan to swing by Trader Joe's another day this week.

Remember, if you like Mexican food, stuff is on sale for Cinco de Mayo :) Avocados, mangos, salsas… We pretty much like it all year round.

I want to try this as a fun and healthy snack for my kids this summer.

Call me a dork, this is on repeat.

Have a good day!

Oh! And P.S. I met Dallas Hartwig at the gym. He's very tall.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Weekly Menu

breakfast last week: leftovers + eggs with kale. and fruit (rare).

Breaking news: my kids decided this weekend that they like eggs as long as there is melted cheese on top.

Here's what we'll be eating at our house for dinners this week-

Sunday - lemon garlic shrimp, roasted broccoli, salad with dressing
Monday - crock pot shredded beef (tacos with corn tortillas, salsa, cilantro-cabbage-lime slaw)*
Tuesday - zucchini spaghetti, meatballs, marinara sauce
Wednesday - homemade primal pizza with Italian sausage
Thursday - leftovers
Friday - bratwurst, oven potatoes, salad with dressing
Saturday - something

a dessert?
blackberry tart (recipe adaptation from Primal Cravings)

*So we haven't had tacos in forever. We were on a major taco kick in January and February (perhaps due to our trip to Mexico?) and it was time for a break. Also, when I buy corn tortillas, my kids ask for them all the time, and so I just didn't buy them for awhile. But tacos are my kids' favorite meal so seemed like time to make some again. I'm going to make shredded beef using a rump roast and the spice rub I usually use with pork. We'll see how it turns out. And I'm just going to use a tiny bit of water (probably not even necessary) since I don't have pineapple juice and not sure that would go well with beef, anyway.

Alright, the agenda is FULL these next two weeks, so I'm off... Have a good day!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekly Menu

I'm only listing our dinners/suppers this week, because lately, all our breakfasts and lunches are the same… so there's no need to write the same thing over and over :) You can look back over the past few weeks and get and get a good idea of what we'll be having for those meals. Basically, leftovers and  standbys getting us through... I cannot believe summer is in sight!

Sunday - burgers, broccoli
Monday - chicken pineapple meatballs (new recipe), salad greens, dressing
Tuesday - leftovers
Wednesday - sloppy joes, roasted green beans
Thursday - leftovers
Friday - roasted chicken thighs, oven potatoes
Saturday - leftover chicken in jalfrezi sauce w/ greens (sauce was on sale)

Kids' snacks:
whole milk yogurt, chex, fruit (pears, apples, strawberries, mangos)

Oh, and I may have purchased a box of gluten-free Joe Joes (Trader Joe's "oreos") today so that we can make some no-churn cookies'n'cream ice cream...

Because every post needs an image… today's advice:

That's all I have for now. Have a good night!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Thoughts + Weekly Menu

Better late than never!

This spring is weird. I cannot decide if I like it or really do not like it. Depends on the moment, I could be convinced either way. It's just a crazy season of life right now - good, bad, fast, slow, crushing, encouraging, tedious, exciting, disappointing, exhausting, fun, stupid, hopeful.
Pick any adjective.
Yep. It'll work.

Or we can just go with ridiculous. Like the fact that I enjoy this movie. (Warning: not family friendly.)

I'm glad my sister has at the same sense of humor as me. You can either roll your eyes or laugh and quote it. I choose the latter. :) This tops it off.

Anyways, moving on.

One fun fact from last week is that two of my worlds collided when a classmate suddenly realized they'd been reading my blog for a couple years… What?! So cool. I've never had that happen before. Hi LP and family!

I like this Monday shopping thing (instead of Saturday). Much saner, obviously. I think I'll try to stick with it for a bit. I went to Sprouts and Aldi yesterday and spent $125. We'll probably spend another $40 on eating out… I know. Getting crazy.

How did I completely forget about making this carrot cake? Adding it to the list of things to make when I have time to bake again...

This week -

eggs, sausage, greens, salsa (every week ;))
kids - mug cake
coffee, cream

kids - mini hot dogs, gf mac and cheese
banana chips, cashews, raisins
veggies, ranch
apples, pears, clementines
adults - leftovers

After school snacks:
coconut milk smoothies (orange creamsicle or chocolate banana peanut butter)

Hmmm…. I don't have things nailed down yet, but something along these lines -
meat & veggies.
Seriously, though, I bought beef and chicken, so it there will probably be some burgers, orange chicken stir fry, greek salad, paleo empanadas, pesto chicken… if you don't see a link it means I'm either winging it or it will come from this cookbook - my latest from the library.

On another note...

This book is great. An easy read, yet so insightful and positive. (affiliate link)

I'm itching to do this.

Someone please get me a blank chalkboard. And hours of free time.

Have a good week!
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