Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekly Menu (...better late than never!)

What's to eat this week?
I was asking myself this yesterday. I was feeling uninspired.
I looked at my fall dinners from last year for some ideas. Nothing sounded good.
So, I just went to the store and bought the essentials. Price Chopper and Aldi. Spent $110.
Ends up I'm going to be using some of those ideas.
Time has been tight lately. Life is not bad... Just intense!

2 things:
We hardly ever throw out food, but I have had to throw away some kale and other lettuce lately because we didn't eat it in time and it got stinky. Yuck. So I didn't buy salad this week because I wasn't feeling it. Also, these tacos? I made them last week with pork chops. I didn't braise or brown the pork before putting it it in the slow cooker because I am lazy. And then I had to carefully pick out the bones at the end. It was still great. I'll make them again. I threw some soy sauce (yes we eat it) and sriracha and lime juice on the shredded cabbage and it totally worked.

Here's what I have the ingredients to make this week-

lemon rasberry swirl muffins (from Juli's book)
easy pancakes (1 banana, 2 eggs, 1 T. nut butter, vanilla)*
coffee, cream

*These two recipes are surprisingly very similar on ingredients.

rice cakes with sun butter and jam (kids)
carrots, grape tomatoes, hummus
apples, or clementines
leftovers (adults)

tortilla chips with beef, cheese, sour cream, and homemade salsa (lazy route tonight)
korean beef (paleo version) and broccoli
slow cooker beef stew with cauliflower mash
homemade primal pizza, green beans
sloppy joes and roasted acorn squash

Good night!!
(go here for more ideas)
Real Food Recipe Roundup via Musings of a Housewife and Sassy Moms in the City

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Happy Hump Day!

Here are the groceries I bought at Price Chopper this week. Soooo exciting. That is a butt ton of corn tortillas. Apples were 88¢ a pound. I should have gotten more. They aren't organic, though. Usually Trader Joe's has organic apples for a good price in the fall. I'm keeping my eyes open for those.

What are all those corn tortillas for, you ask? Kids' lunches. And maybe this for dinner tonight (without flour obvs.) because we are living on the edge.

I have a lot of writing to do. So I'm putting it off by writing about other things here :)

Every fall I get the itch to cut bangs. Did it the past 2 years. This year I'm telling myself no.

I like this quote.

I'm going to bed at 9pm every night this week.

That's really soon. And this is a really exciting post. I guess I'll finish it in the morning. Maybe I'll have something more interesting to say then :)


In celebration of our Ikea opening, make some of these meatballs. Tell me if they are any good. I haven't actually made them. I think I put them on the menu plan a few weeks back but didn't get around to them.

The idea of wallpaper is growing on me. Reminds me of my childhood, in a comforting way.

What's your opinion on short curtains? They always look like high-water pants to me. I guess if done correctly to the windowsill, they don't? Still, they make me think of a motel or RV. I'm trying to reconsider, but just not sure. See page 20. I'm pretty sure I'm thinking way too hard about it.

Someday when I have too much time on my hands I'll make homemade ketchup.

Something non-sugary for all you fall lovers. P.S. I like fall, too. Also. You could make your own. If you are cheap like me.

That's all.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Weekly Menu

This morning, breakfast was one of these for each of the kids. I'd never had a cake-in-a-mug recipe turn out well, but they did.

Here's what we'll be making this week…

eggs (adults)
banana muffins, no chocolate or nuts (kids. they are on an egg strike)
maybe they'll eat these, though?
coffee, creamer

grilled burgers
roasted kale
corn tortilla and cheese rollups (kids)
nitrate-free beef hot dogs
apples and sun butter

pork tacos and cabbage slaw x2
meatballs* & roasted green beans x2
balsamic glazed drumsticks, broccoli
anything left from last week because we didn't eat it all...

*I made these last week and I think they are my new "go to" meatball recipe. Except I altered it, of course. I doubled the recipe. I used 1 T. of minced garlic and 1 T. dried onion because I didn't have shallots, don't even know what they are, and was in a huge rush. Oh, and yellow mustard because I didn't have dijon. Used a scoop, threw them on two pans, baked, and we ate almost all of them in one dinner.

I plan to only shop at Trader Joe's and Price Chopper. I bought some specific things at Trader Joe's yesterday. I'll probably go to Price Chopper tomorrow. I just don't feel like doing a ton more running around. Oh, wait. That's is what I do these days. Pretty much defines me.

I'll try to remember to photograph my groceries after the next shopping trip.

Here's something I ate last week: spinach, fried eggs, leftover chili. Not sure how appetizing it appears, but it tasted good.

I think I'm gonna hibernate this winter. Is that allowed?

I know I'll feel better after I sleep :)

Happy Sunday y'all!

Real Food Recipe Roundup via Musings of a Housewife and Sassy Moms in the City

Monday, September 1, 2014

Weekly Menu

Happy Labor Day.

We savored a last little bit of summer this weekend at the lake. It was nice... August had been a little bit brutal. But we made it. Now September. The changing of the seasons is always a little bit energizing. Perhaps it is the change of perspective. And it makes me want to shop. Heehee. I'll be channeling that energy into something else, hopefully something more creative or necessary and less consumerist. Nothing against shopping. I just should not spend my time on it right now. Or maybe I'll just go thrifting instead, to make myself feel more righteous about it. Haaa. Just kidding. Thrifting would take even more time. But I do wish I was good at it. Maybe I will try to sneak some in for a little bit of fun.

Onward to the food.

I went to Aldi and Costco once again and stayed on target with the grocery budget.

we took some popcorn and gf pizza with us to the lake ;)

eggs or some variation of them
homemade turkey sausage
coffee, cream

leftovers -OR-
deli roll-ups
bell peppers and hummus

After school snack:
something with peanut butter
(fudge babies, cookies, pb&j muffins?)

meatballs and zoodles, marinara sauce
chili, sour cream
2 ingredient turkey meatloaf (my wt version), roasted green beans
baked salmon, sweet potatoes, broccoli
primal pizza, watermelon
balsamic-glazed drumsticks, broccoli
burgers, potatoes

Confession: the past couple weeks I've been giving my kids gluten-free boxed mac and cheese for lunch on the weekends. It is $1.50 at Aldi. I get tired of coming up with ideas and making lunches. So it is a break for me :) and a treat for them.

Have a great week!

Real Food Recipe Roundup via Musings of a Housewife and Sassy Moms in the City

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Weekly Menu

Last week was a weird week. I had coffee with cream each morning (and made bulletproof-style one morning when we were out of cream), but wasn't super hungry, which is rare for me. A lot of days I didn't eat breakfast until noon, and then kind of skipped lunch. I've been trying to eat more fat and protein and less carbs (even veggies ones) during my first meal of the day so I don't start off on an insulin roller coaster. I guess it is working. I've been feeling less crashing during the day. Maybe it is the heat. Or else I've just been too busy to eat. Nah, that doesn't happen. But considering I didn't get an ideal amount of sleep, I'm pretty happy that I didn't struggle and reach for crappy food in the office. Success.

Confession: the past 2 weeks, we have been eating peanut butter. I bought 2 of the huge jars of natural, no-sugar, no added oils peanut butter from Costco when I was feeling too cheap for almond butter, and they have lasted a bit. We had 2 buckets of apples from a friend, so apples and pb has been an easy snack for the kids. Once my littlest one starts preschool next month, though, he can only take sun butter, no nuts allowed.

I made the lemon raspberry swirl muffins from Juli's latest book today. Sugar? Yes. Delicious? Yes. Closest thing to a Tastycake I've had in a long time. :)

phone pic pink hand apologies

I spent $73 at Aldi this weekend and $73 at Costco. Weird. And $15 at Price Chopper. So around $160 which I try to make my weekly average, but don't always succeed. (Last week was way low at $110, but we also went out to eat some.)

Here's the plan for this week.

eggs, salsa, avocados (most of the week)
pumpkin waffles (a day or two) or might try the newer recipe from her cookbook
turkey sausage & sweet potato hash* (dinner leftovers)
coffee, cream

*This is a photo of an I'm-hungry-now-get-in-my-belly food combination that I love.

salami or balsamic drumsticks
chipotle deviled eggs (adults)
veggies & ranch
cookies or fudge babies (kids)

My husband commented that we haven't had any leftovers lately for him to take to work. So I'm going to try to make bigger meals this week - so we have more leftovers!

Sunday - burgers, salad and dressing, potatoes
Monday - sausage & sweet potato hash (save leftovers for breakfast)
Tuesday - garbage stir fry (ground beef + bag of coleslaw mix)
Wednesday - meatballs, roasted green beans, salad
Thursday - school event
Friday - BBQ chicken primal pizza (make your own or grab one of these and pile with toppings)

That's it. Have a good week, everyone!

sharing here.
Real Food Recipe Roundup via Musings of a Housewife and Sassy Moms in the City

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Weekly Menu

I shopped at Aldi and Hy-Vee this week, spending $110. I hadn't been to Hy-Vee in months, but they were having some sales that made it worth it. Most of what I bought this week was conventional, grocery-store quality. But I still aimed for buying minimally processed, whole foods. Everything I bought at Hy-Vee was perishable… I realized that fact when I got to work and had to haul it all inside to the extra fridge with me. And then haul it home again. I did splurge on a bottle of kombucha for the first time. Weird. I think I like it.

Before my free time gets sucked into a vortex called homework, I've been trying to make my way through this book(affiliate link).

I made the lemon rasberry muffins from The Paleo Kitchen(affiliate link) over the weekend. Yum.

I'm getting back on the menu planning wagon. Here's what we will be making & eating this week.

eggs, hot sauce
coffee, cream

leftovers -or-
ham and cheese in corn tortillas (sprinkle with dill before heating and rolling)
apples, raisins

After school snack:
apples or bananas with nut butter, unsweetened shredded coconut, & chocolate chips

I am planning to make a double amount of the 2 chicken salads so that those next days we can have leftovers for lunch the following day, even packed cold in a school lunch.

Sunday - pizza from Primal Cravings(affiliate link), salad with dressing
Monday - cold chicken salad in lettuce wraps
Tuesday - chocolate chili, sour cream
Wednesday - asian chicken salad (using some 99¢ bags of coleslaw mix)
Thursday - easy baked salmon, broccoli
Saturday - stir fry (make fried rice with leftovers for the kids?)

Brain is spinning. You know when you are making decisions to simplify and align your life with what is important to you... and it is hard? Because things get crazier before they get better?  And it almost makes you want to give up? Mmmhmm. I feel ya. (P.S. My kids just want to play with pinwheels as swords. And yell. Really loudly. Maybe I should try that.)

Have a good week. Don't give up. And I won't, either.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Paleo/Primal Lunch Ideas for School Kids

We are not super hardcore when it comes to paleo lunches for the kids. My goal: to give them a decent portion of protein, good fat, and carb (carbs preferably in the form of fruit or vegetables, but you'll see some rice and corn). I'm not a big fan of food products manufactured to be specifically gluten-free. Those are for treats on occasion. Also, one's child's lunch has to be nut-free per school rules.

Keep it simple and affordable.
That's a "have-to."
Finger food is preferable.
I lay our containers assembly line style and fill them.
No messing with baggies.
No re-heating.
Just open and eat.

I asked my daughter what she would pick for her lunch and this is what she said:
  • deli roll-ups (similar to these or these; she likes turkey, salami, mustard, and kale)
  • carrots & ranch (my recipe)
  • strawberries & blueberries.
So, we'll probably go with that. Most of the time. Or at least a lot. She also loves pickles and olives which go well with the roll-ups, too.

Other thoughts...

Dip choices
I'm loving the single-serving mini-tubs of guacamole at Costco right now. My kids like it. I wonder if they would like the hummus ones? Both would be great for veggie dipping, plantain chip dipping, or even tortilla chip dipping. So easy. I like to give them something crunchy on the side for satisfaction.

Fun surprise
Like a dessert?
My 4 go-to grain-free muffin recipes:
After school snack
I'm going to save sun butter and jam on corn tortillas or on rice cakes for an after school snack because that would be kind of messy and a pain to pack. (But in a pinch you might see that as the main course for lunch.) The whole apple cookie ideas is fun, too. Or coconut milk or yogurt smoothies.

Special alternatives
Sometimes I'm lazy. Or we get tired of lunchmeat. So here are some alternatives for those times (when I still have to come up with something for lunch of course), most of which are non-paleo "treats".
  • chicken fried rice (my kids love it. the question: would they eat it cold?)
  • burrito bowl (same issue as above)
  • gluten free pizza (cold)
  • Trader Joe's mini chicken tacos (cold)
  • chicken caesar salad from Costco (hello corn-soy dressing…)
  • I could also throw in some balsamic chicken drumsticks or thighs which they like, but sometimes opening cold chicken in the lunchroom is stinky. Same for tuna. And I'd hate them to waste it.
Each year, I try to make lunches a little simpler… you can find last year's brainstorming session right here. And earlier ones here and here.

If you're curious, my kids' stainless steel water bottles: the Thermos Funtainer and the Klean Kanteen (which we've had since using it with the sippy cup spout when they were toddlers.) (affiliate links)

OK, is your brain full to the brim right now, too?

Have a good week!

P.S. Speaking of packing, I used this tip for packing dishes the last time we moved and it totally worked. Tuck that away for later.

sharing here!

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